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Video chat roulette is afreevirtualspace where you can easily chatwith girlsand guys of different social status from 197 countries of the world.To find an interlocutor, you do not need to leave your cozy home, it is enough to have access to the Internet.

TheChatroulettewebsite reproduces the original concept of a modern service for friendship and communication without geographical or age boundaries.You can participate in conversations at any time of the day and 100% find an entertaining person.

The principle of operation of online video chat roulette

Contacts with other users take place entirely on our server.Its capacity can withstand a huge flow of visitors.Video chat rouletteis carried outonline, withoutlengthyregistrationand absolutelyfree.The system displays the user's video and provides access to the webcam.

The interlocutor is selected automatically, this is a kind of "Russian roulette".To do this, the method of random numbers is used, after which a connection is directly established.This technology does not use servers as intermediaries.Thanks to this, it is impossible to find out the location of the guestsof the online chat roulette.The service uses a random search, provides mutual communication, and does not require downloading drivers.

An additional “plus” of the system is that you do not need to enter any personal information, you do not need to indicate an “e-mail” or come up with a “nickname”, all the action takes place after 2 clicks on the function buttons.

Why do you need video chat roulette without registration?

Chatrouletteis a completelyfree online video chatfor long or short-term acquaintance, serious or light flirting with boys orgirls.It is also used when you just need to talk to someone and get moral support.It is often easier to sort out a delicate situation with the help of a stranger than a relative.Anonymity is a guarantee that you can discuss a “hot” topic without regard to shyness.

How to start a video chat without registration?

An important nuance.You can chat without a camera using the "Message write here" field.

The service settings are intuitive, even for beginners who have not yet taken part in exciting virtual dating.The system will select candidates for an exciting pastime in 2-3 seconds.

Free online video chatwill startwithout registration, after the visitor:

The broadcast of those wishing to communicate begins.You can stop at the first of them or “flip through” by clicking on “next”.Such a format does not oblige you to make acquaintances with an unloved interlocutor, the final choice depends only on you.

Who is the Chatroulette service for?

And also for people of all ages, professions, religions and views on life.There is no "face control" or mandatory attire for going out.You decide whether to communicate using the camera and microphone or chat.

Advantages of the Chatroulette service

Using this format of conversation is very convenient and safe.The main advantages ofroulette video chat areonlinemode, usefor freeand an unlimited number of visitors, you can chatwith girlsor boys.

  1. 100% "secrecy".There is no registration here, absolutely no information will be required from you, even an elementary write a name or e-mail.

  2. Communication 24/7.Access to the site is available at any time of the day, regardless of weekdays or weekends, working hours or holidays.

  3. Dating without limits.Foronline video chat roulette, the gender of visitors, their location, the choiceofwhichgirlor guy to chat with you is not important.

  4. Ease of use.There is no need to download and install special software, everything happens "live", in video broadcast mode.

  5. Quick selection of candidates.The system algorithm is set up in such a way as to display new people who want to chat on your screen in a few seconds.

The user opens up the whole world, for the study of which one does not need to save up funds for travel for a long time, “cut out” time between work or study.You can chat with representatives of different countries here and now.

Startvideo chat roulette withguys orgirlsof any profession and age 100%freeandwithoutunnecessaryregistrationright now.

What is chatroulette?13 October 2024, 20:41

In recent years, the so-called roulette chats have gained great popularity on the Internet.This is a kind of online dating service, but the difference between chat roulette and a regular dating site is that here a person does not choose an interlocutor.The system itself randomly selects an interlocutor based on its user compatibility algorithms.The user himself can choose only the desired gender and age of the future interlocutor.

There are also public video chats.roulette video chat broadcast is available to everyone on the site http://rt.ruletka-888.com/.There is a large selection of different partners for communication.At the moment, more than 1000 people are registered on the site, who will be happy to meet a new friend.For the convenience of users, in addition to the usual chat, a video chat was also created so that the interlocutors could see each other, and communication was more lively and relaxed.

How does chatroulette work?

  1. Register on the site and fill in your details

  2. Start a video chat and wait for the system to select an interlocutor for you to talk to.

  3. Chat as much as you like, and if you want to talk to another person, then just click on the "next" button and the service will select another partner for the conversation.This can be done an infinite number of times.Sometimes the interlocutors are repeated, but this happens extremely rarely.

Mobile app

Immediately after registration, it is recommended to download a special mobile application.It is much more convenient than the online version of the site, as the application is specially designed and tested to work on mobile phones.Moreover, with the help of a mobile application, you can receive notifications from interlocutors directly on the phone screen, so you do not need to constantly chat and follow updates.

It should be noted right away that this service is available only to citizens who have reached the age of 18.For the rest, access to the service is blocked, as it may contain unwanted content.You can read more about the terms of use of the service and the rules of conduct for it in the "terms of use" section.Successful communication!

Dear visitors!The work of the site requires a lot of effort, time and resources, so if you like our project and you want it to continue to exist, you can make your contribution in the form of a small donation.You can make a donation to the Sberbank card: 4817760251202487We will be glad for any help.Thanks!))

The best Chatroulette online

Are you bored of chatting on social networks, but you haven't tried chatroulette yet?Do you want to watch live webcams and chat with real people?Then you will definitely like this way of Internet communication!

This is an ideal tool for girls and guys who prefer silence to noisy companies.In modern society, there are many people who can conduct a dialogue with strangers in real life, but at the same time they are very painfully experiencing the lack of communication and chat roulette is designed to correct this state of affairs.

Looking from the outside at this video resource, you understand why it was called chat roulette (similar names: chat roulette, ru roulette, chat roulette 18, chat roulette, chat roulette Russian).After all, this online acquaintance combines two components: chat and the famous roulette game.Only the whole interest of this casual online dating lies in the fact that this is a video chat!That is, you meet with a random interlocutor with glances, and if you don’t like him, just press the button and move on to another stranger.

This video chat is gaining popularity in Europe (England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, etc.), in the USA (America), Mexico, China, as well as in the CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus).This is not surprising, because this kind of chat roulette is very interesting.

Millions of users today consider chatroulette conversations to be the best and in many cases the most convenient communication format.And this definitely proves that the use by people of different ages of modern Internet methods for dating and meeting in real time is an excellent alternative to social networks.

Wirt chat roulette - 1000 girls and guys are eager to chat with you

It does not matter whether a person just wants a pleasant and fun conversation or is looking for a partner for a sincere and serious relationship - in chat roulette with Russian girls and guys, as well as foreigners, everyone can meet a devoted friend and the love of a lifetime.

Many people cannot afford to just talk on the street with the person they like, and at work they must conform to the generally accepted image.All these factors accumulate in the subconscious and lead to the fact that a person becomes a hostage of fear and general misunderstanding, while roulette is seen as almost the only way out of this situation.

So what to do in such cases?How to get rid of loneliness and where to find a person with whom you can not only enjoy communication, but also establish a long-term relationship?

Considering the limitless possibilities of modern methods of Internet communication, it is impossible to forget about5 undeniable advantages for chat roulette users:

  1. Simple and fast.Chat roulette sites and applications in the world are free and usually do not require registration.Simply press the "start" button, and the system will automatically select a companion for you;

  2. Random acquaintances.Some people in video chat are embarrassed to take the first step, believing that in this way they will seem forced.Here you never know with whom exactly you will conduct a dialogue.If you entered the video chat, you will see a person on the other side of the screen who is also looking for friends and is completely ready not only to communicate, but also to establish visual contact with a wonderful listener;

  3. It is convenient to meet and say goodbye.If you understand from the first minutes of communication that the interlocutor is not interesting, or if he behaves indecently, then without any explanation or apology, press the "next" button, and you will be switched to a new listener;

  4. The meeting takes place with a webcam.In this chat, without downloading, you can immediately see and hear the interlocutor, which is much more effective than correspondence on social networks, where users often post information that does not correspond to reality instead of a real photo.Getting acquainted with the webcam is much more convenient;

  5. Getting rid of loneliness and boredom.Not every person can openly tell relatives or friends about painful problems.In chat roulette stream you can not only share your thoughts with a new friend, but also find a soul mate with the same life principles.

World Chatroulette - a site that will not leave anyone indifferent

Often girls and guys who want to change their lifestyle start looking for new acquaintances in social networks, which does not always give them the desired result.Compared to chatroulette, it is quite difficult to find new friends there, since you cannot be sure about the other person.The second option that people usually prefer is online dating with real women and men, which are becoming more and more popular every day.

The popularity of Russian live video chat is growing due to numerous advantages that distinguish it from any other option.This extraordinary way of finding new people attracts more and more guys and girls with an intriguing atmosphere and an element of surprise, which tickles the nerves so pleasantly and adds spice to everyday life.

The most interesting thing in all this is that a quick chat roulette now not only helps people to have fun and get to know each other, but also helps to create a family, no matter how paradoxical it may sound.Thanks to this, many single users who simply do not find the time and opportunity to find their soul mate in the frantic pace of modern life find their happiness.

Chatroulette in the browser - dating and communication in one click

Modern technologies are changing the world and improving all types of communication.Today, thanks to chatroulette with foreigners and Russians, people can chat with each other without leaving their homes and find random strangers in one click.Now everyone can take advantage of the place where a huge number of guys and girls are looking for new experiences and want to usefully spend time with new friends.

In addition, exciting roulette in Yandex browser is a modern way to find new people, where everything is decided by chance.If you are tired of the routine or feel lonely, then it is definitely time for you to dive into the intriguing atmosphere of flirting chat roulette with random strangers.Believe me, it is difficult to find a more interesting, and at the same time safe, way to communicate with a real person.

Even if you have never tried chatting with beautiful girls, you have probably heard about such a convenient and popular way of meeting new people, making friends and even building romantic relationships.Try chatroulette through the camera and see how easy it is to change your daily life and become a happier person.

Why is Russian chat roulette so popular?

The fact is that chatroulette makes it possible to have a good time.Here is what web chat roulette offers to your attention without registration and completely free of charge:

Of course, this list can be continued indefinitely, because people's fantasies never end :)

Chatroulette has made it possible for people to chat in real time with strangers.Many people do not know about this yet, because there are already quite a few analogues of chat roulette (Ru roulette, Russian chat roulette, etc.).

KuMit chat - premium video chat roulette for online dating with girls

The world is changing faster than we have time to notice it.New professions appear and old ones go into the past, the Internet can replace a school, university or educational courses, and social networks and instant messengers have become an integral part of the life of almost any contemporary.

But there is something in this whirlpool that has remained unchanged for millennia.This is the need for each of us in communication, the search for true friends and a soul mate.The end remains the same, only the means to achieve it change.

One of these tools is online video chats.It has been a super popular format for over ten years now.Although it should be said that not all modern web chats meet current standards and requirements.Many chatroulettes cannot boast of good moderation, active audience, or ease of use.However, there are still exceptions.One of them is the Russian video chat CooMeet.This is a convenient platform for communication with the opposite sex, casual dating and finding a soul mate.And excellent moderation and impeccable work make this video chat with girls one of the best of its kind.

KuMit Chat Premium

CooMeet Premium video chat is a service that is constantly being improved and developed to be the best among webcam chats.And this, of course, requires funding.We could litter the site with ads and pop-up banners during a call to make a profit from it.But it would be incorrect in relation to users.

Therefore, CooMeet Premium was introduced, which for a small fee allows you to enjoy all the benefits and features of the site.This made it possible to create a truly high-quality service:

Best of all, you can use CooMeet for free during the trial period.In this case, you will have access to all the functions and possibilities of video chatting with strangers.And already at the end of the free period, you yourself decide whether to buy premium access or not.But you can not even doubt - you will like it!

Errors when searching chat roulette KuMit

The main mistake is carelessness when entering the name of the CooMeet chatroulette.For example, there are such typos: comeet, coomet, coo meet, coomeets, coomee, coomate, coommet, coomeeet, coomet, coomet, comet chat and the like.What is the risk?

In most cases, you simply will not find the site in the search, but Google will understand what you mean and give you the correct link.But in the worst case, you run the risk of getting to the site of scammers who specifically use a name similar to CooMeet online.And this is where more serious troubles can begin.

Advice!Check the CooMeet website address literally spell by letter.Similarly, look carefully for the official CooMeet online chat app in the iOS or Android app stores.

Recall that CooMeet is not only a Russian chat roulette.Our platform works in most major countries of the world.You can choose your country right on the site at the bottom - the site will immediately be displayed in the appropriate language for your convenience.

How to start using video chat?

Everything is extremely simple:

If this is your first time on the site, the system will offer you to register and get free minutes for chatting with girls in chat roulette.We advise you to take advantage of this nice bonus.

By the way, in the chat settings you can choose how you prefer to communicate - via video or text chat.In the "Messages" block, you can also contact technical support directly and get help with your work.

If communication with a certain person does not add up, you can switch to the next one in just one click.Thus, in just one evening you can meet a lot of interesting people, find good friends and even a soul mate.Meet, chat on any topic, arrange a meeting in real life and start a new relationship without delay!

Tips for Using Random Video Chat

Be polite and patient, do not be rude to your interlocutors and behave correctly towards them.These are the most basic rules of communication not only in online chatroulette, but in general on the Internet.But there are a few tips that are useful specifically for communication in chatroulette online:

And most importantly, use the CooMeet chatrandom with pleasure, communicate, find interesting people and stay positive.This is the main rule of success in any chatroulette!

What is chatroulette?

In recent years, the so-called roulette chats have gained great popularity on the Internet.This is a kind of online dating service, but the difference between chat roulette and a regular dating site is that here a person does not choose an interlocutor.The system itself randomly selects an interlocutor based on its user compatibility algorithms.The user himself can choose only the desired gender and age of the future interlocutor.

You can learn more about how Chatroulette works online by following the link on the site.

The chat has a nice interface.The database contains a huge number of subscribers.But you do not need to look for the right one among them.Chat will choose the interlocutor for you.Communication through the camera will give you the opportunity to get close to a random person.The kind of experience you will get, you will never forget.You can tell your interlocutor something interesting about yourself or learn a lot about him.Chatroulette will give you the opportunity to get rid of complexes and become a more open person.

The service has gone through periods of extraordinary rise and sad fall, and is still very popular in its field.The weak side was the lack of, in fact, user control, due to which from time to time anatomical advantages “fall out” in the chat instead of the faces of the interlocutors, which not everyone likes.

Often, an active mobile phone user communicates with his friends, family, colleagues through at least a few instant messengers, a couple of social networks.networks and is a visitor to at least one forum, even if it happens out of necessity.Speaking of forums, if you are now rolling your eyes at the suggestion that you use them, remember the large-scale resources with terabytes of media content, thanks to which piracy has taken on a completely different meaning.

What is Chatroulette?

If you want to find new friends or just have fun, then you should visit Chat Roulette.The uniqueness of this chat lies in the fact that you do not choose your interlocutor yourself.The system randomly selects a partner for you to communicate with.This fuels interest, because every time you have to communicate with new people.This kind of communication excites the mind and arouses interest.

Communication in Chat Roulette allows people to quickly adapt to new situations, to liberate themselves.Even the most shy interlocutors begin to communicate freely with strangers.Chat Roulette is not like many other chat rooms.After all, a randomly selected interlocutor can greatly change your life and give you a sea of ​​emotions.This video chat is absolutely free.

The chat has a nice interface.The database contains a huge number of subscribers.But you do not need to look for the right one among them.Chat will choose the interlocutor for you.Communication through the camera will give you the opportunity to get close to a random person.The kind of experience you will get, you will never forget.You can tell your interlocutor something interesting about yourself or learn a lot about him.Chatroulette will give you the opportunity to get rid of complexes and become a more open person.

All you need to communicate in this chat is a computer and high-speed internet.Real people take part in the conversations, there is no deception here.That is why chat participants are always in a pleasant expectation.All the most interesting acquaintances always happen by chance, that's why people choose ChatRoulette.You may be able to make new friends or even find your love.

Be sure that communication in Chat Roulette will not leave you indifferent.If you are tired of everyday life and want new experiences, then Chatroulette is for you.

Each time before the start of communication, you will be in a pleasant anticipation of what kind of interlocutor you will come across.Perhaps today you will have to communicate with a cute girl, and tomorrow the chat will choose for you a cheerful guy who loves to travel and will tell you a lot of new and interesting things about distant countries.Chatroulette is a great rescue from melancholy and boredom.

As soon as your interlocutor appears on the screen, you will forget that the choice was made by chance.The distance will be erased, and you will begin to communicate on the same wavelength.

Chat Roulette603078

Chatroulette is a unique service for anonymous communication with people around the world.You will have a huge number of users at your disposal who, just like you, want to make new friends or just pour out their soul to someone.The application has reliable protection, so that none of the interlocutors will be able to find out your data, location or other personal information.

Recently, many people prefer to get acquainted on special sites or through social networks.But the problem with such services is that registration is required there, as well as the placement of your data, such as location, age, education, and so on.Not every user wants to share such personal information, because sometimes it can seriously harm.

The Chatroulette app gives introverts a unique opportunity to find friends and communicate without any fear for their personal space.This chat is monitored by moderators around the clock, so in case of undesirable behavior of the interlocutor, you can complain about him and the admins will ban his page.

To use the service, you do not even have to go through any registration or activate your account.Just press "start" and start searching for interlocutors.The chat is completely Russian-speaking, but it works without problems in all countries of the world.You will be able to find friends who speak your language and start chatting immediately.

Interlocutors can be selected randomly.If suddenly communication has reached an impasse or you simply dislike this person, no explanations and awkward silence are needed.Just end the chat with him by clicking the "Next" button.For a conversation, you can use a webcam and microphone, or just chat through messages.

This chat is not just an ordinary messenger.Thanks to him, you will be able to meet unique and amazing people from all over the world.Here you can not only write or speak, but also share your talents and unusual skills.Just scroll through the list of available users until you stumble upon something interesting and worthwhile.

To make your image bright and unforgettable at the first impression, think over all the details in advance.Appear in front of your interlocutors in an unusual way, taking your favorite book, soft toy or just a pet.So you can immediately make the right impression, as well as find real like-minded people among a million users.

Welcome to Chatroulette!Our anonymous video chat is visited daily by more than 200 thousand users.Among them, you will definitely find a companion to your liking.

This is a video messaging service, an anonymous video chat where you can chat with people from all over the world using your webcam.Just press the "Start" button, and the chat will choose a random interlocutor for you among hundreds of thousands of users.You will not know anyone your interlocutor, nor where he comes from.But the more interesting - you can always get to know each other in the course of a conversation and find common interests.If for some reason you do not like the interlocutor, just click "Next" and proceed to the next one.There is no need to say goodbye, apologize or make excuses.

Perhaps it's expensive?

Not at all!Our chat is FREE, anonymous and does not require complex registration.There is no need to invent and remember logins and passwords, confirm email or phone number.

What about security?

We respect the anonymity of our users: your interlocutor will not know your name or where you are from, unless you choose to share this information with them.You don't have to put up with the defiant or offensive behavior of the interlocutor.If he violates the rules of our chat or the law, you can always complain to the moderator, who will consider your complaint and block the violator.

What do you need to start chatting?

Internet, webcam and good mood.But even if you do not have a webcam, it does not matter, a microphone will be enough, or you can use the text chat in the window on the right.However, remember that people come to video chat primarily to see the interlocutor, so the camera will not be superfluous.

Who will chat connect me with?

Here you will have to rely on the will of His Majesty Chance.If you don't like one interlocutor, you can always move on to the next one.Chatroulette is the largest video chat whose users speak Russian, so you don't have to remember phrases from an English phrasebook - they understand you here!

How to make friends in chat?

As easy as pie!Start a chat by pressing the "Start" button, smile and say "Hi!".Do not wait for the initiative from the interlocutor, show it first.We are all embarrassed to start a conversation, but having taken the first step, we understand that we were absolutely afraid in vain.Remember: everyone is equal in chat.All our users are here for the same purpose as you - to spend a couple of hours, meet interesting people and get a portion of good mood.Good luck in communication and good acquaintances!

Chatroulette KuMit - meet girls on webcam

Are you looking for a quick way to meet a smart and beautiful girl?Web chat roulette CooMeet (English version of CooMeet) allows you to communicate with the fair sex from different countries without leaving your home.Instant connection, high-quality high-definition video calling, no stress and only the best interlocutors who will always meet you with a smile.

We know how valuable time is today: we are constantly forced to prioritize, save and rush, and still do not have time to do everything we planned.In this turmoil, dating and relationships often fade into the background.The official KuMit website guarantees high-quality communication only with trusted girls - online meetings, new acquaintances and a great mood.

Just one click - and our intelligent selection system will connect you with one of the thousands of charming strangers.Be sure that all the girls came here to meet, chat and build relationships.No free service can provide the same high level of service as KuMit Chat:

Best Alternative to Omegle and ChatRoulette

Everyone who was interested in online roulettes probably remembers those chats that stood at the origins of random communication.These were Omegle and ChatRulet, which appeared back in 2024.The first came to us from abroad, the second is the brainchild of a Russian schoolboy Andrei Ternovsky.

Both web chats were based on the same principle: communication with random interlocutors from all over the world.And although Omegle had a head start of several months, it was ChatRoulette that ruled the roost for a long time.However, both chat-randoms eventually faced the same “disease”, which still remains a problem and repels many from using them.

This, of course, is about inappropriate content.In an ideal world, positive and friendly people who want to get to know each other, communicate, and give each other a great mood should enter video roulette.In fact:

Then it became quite obvious that a worthy alternative was needed - a random video chat, entering which you can not worry about who will be on the other side of the screen.And in the forefront among the evolved video chats is KuMit.

It was the moderation of the participants and the timely measures taken for each violation that became the solution to the sore problem of similar services.From the very beginning, we were clearly aware that it was impossible to count on full automation of this process - we need a high-quality human service so that users understand the advantages and benefits of the site they use.And the efforts paid off.

Today - KuMit is one of the highest quality and safest random web chats.And anyone can verify this.Just click "Start Search" and try online roulette with girls.

The most beautiful Russian girls online

Finding love and building relationships has become much easier since dating services began to develop online.And chatroulette has become a great tool for these purposes, joining social networks and dating sites.But unlike the last two, it is in a video chat that you can see the eyes of a charming interlocutor, her smile and feel indescribable emotions from proximity even at a distance of hundreds of kilometers.

Still in doubt?Connect for free and start chatting with girls in our random video chat right now without registering and filling out a profile.You only need a webcam to start a KuMit video chat.And if suddenly the interlocutor is not to your taste - switch to a new stranger by pressing one button.Girls from all over the world are already waiting for you!

How to Intervene in someone else's chat-roulette for pranks

Hello dear friend, today I will tell you one little secret that manychatroulette prankershide , and someone asks for this secret a couple of thousand subs(subscribers),but I decided to share this valuable information for free especially for you.

I want to clarify for you right away:In fact, we will not have any hacking, no no!you are not in a hurry to leave the page, but read carefully, we will essentially not hack, but relay two interlocutors to each other.First you need to prepare

This can be done, of course, in a different way, but I will show it using the example ofOBS - Studio

Two browsers: For example, Google Chrome and Opera (You need to choose those browsers that can work with chatroulette)

When you install a virtual obs camera, it is important to install 4 cameras (although only 2 will be needed) 2 more cameras may come in handy for another reason.

According to the rules of Chatroulette, it is really forbidden to use webcam emulators, and Chatroulette really fights against this, including an account ban (Be careful), but we are hackers, right?we need to make sure that our virtual camera is recognized as a real physical one, we will do little tricks with you in the registry editor.

So, to open this registry editor (regedit) you need system administrator rights, otherwise the changes made will not be made in any way even after restarting the computer.

We go into the registry editor: Either the Win + R buttons will open a window in which we write regedit and execute, or even easier in the search field (find programs and files), just write regedit and click on the shortcut

In the registry editor: We need to find OBS - Virtual (you can delete all folders or change their name, for example, to Mycamera) Next, we need to find our OBS camera 1/2/3/4 in the registry editor and change their name to our own, for example OLDcamera1 etc.It is very important to know what you are doing!otherwise you risk corrupting registry entries and having to reinstall our cameras.

If you did everything correctly, then after restarting the chatroulette in the browser, at the bottom there will be a choice of our cameras and microphone.If in the browser you of course gave access to the camera and microphone.

If after all the manipulations you don’t have a virtual camera in chatroulette, then you are doing something wrong: physical, then by all means it must be removed from there!The thing is that chatroulette (yes, don’t be surprised) has a camera selection algorithm with a high priority, that is, your real webcam has the highest priority in chatroulette and therefore it should not be in the browser.

Important!you need to log in to chatroulette under different accounts:Both browsers should not overlap each other

To avoid errors: Chatroulette is open in another window/browser, and we need two browsers and two accounts (vk/fb)

If you don’t have an account or don’t want to get a ban on the main one, then I advise you tobuy a number, buy numbers, and create two fakes - this is a must!authorization on chatroulette only through VKontakte or Facebook

Well, it seems that the difficult stages have passed:It's time to set up obs for our browsers, for trolling in chatroulette: Open our obs and create a scene for the first browser in the scene column (let's name the first browser, for example, right there in the scene column, click on the created scene - > filters -> virtual camera -> select the first camera, then don't forget to press start!Otherwise, in the first browser in the chat roulette on the first camera there will be nothing but the start window of the chat roulette itself.

Call the cameras in the filters by their proper namesso as not to get confused what and where: For example(Virtual camera 1 chrome)now in the source window of our first launched OBS you need to select window capture (we will capture window 1 of our browser with our chat roulette.

Other tabs should be closed so that the excess does not get on the air.After setting up the sources and cameras, open the chat roulette (Log in with VK / FB account) select our first camera in the chat roulette selection window - as it was launched in our first OBS Let's take a look at what we got

It is necessary to capture the window with the chat-roulette!other tabs may be framed if not closed

Image settings

Now in the first obs in the sources window, we need to crop (crop) so that in our first browser with the first camera turned on, there is only one gray chat-roulette square without controls.Here you have to be careful and make sure that there are no protruding black stripes, otherwise our prank will burn.

Here, all individually cropping settings depend on how exactly you put the two browsers to each other.

Now we see our image correctly!it must be carefully stretched, but not by the weight of the OBS program screen, but so that we do not sleep with this camera, that is, so that the chat roulette has their gray square without black bars around the edges.

Also in the settings when cropping -> you need to do transformations -> flip horizontally if you don’t do it, there will be some kind of mirroring effect and this will give us 100%

If you did as I am writing to you here: Then you should get something like on my screenshots.

Lifehack when stretching a picture in obs, if you hold theShiftbutton ,then you stretch a little better, and by holding alt and stretching, you will crop the frame without stretching the picture.With this trick, you can try to remove the excess from the frame.Again, be careful when stretching, try to make it smoother so that the person in the frame is not too flattened and not too stretched, as it were, the golden mean.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!in both obs, we also need to set up another source, either your real webcam or video, or some kind of screamer and set up scene switching so that it happens instantly

We must repeat the same steps in the second browser and in the second obs as in the first, only by selecting the second obs camera already in the scene.Thus, we achieve relaying of interlocutors!Who will think that they accidentally hit a person, but in fact you control the switching of interlocutors.Such a mystic :)

It seems that we have already done everything, but there is one big but!our interlocutors will not hear each other, and for these purposes we need such programs as: Voice meter VoiceMeeter and VoiceMeeter Virtual Cable without these programs, our interlocutors will not hear each other in any way.

Download and install our programs, give them access: and proceed to sound settings.It is necessary to select our microphone in one part(so that we can intervene at any time in the conversation)Do not forget to turn on the voice miter imput in the sound control panel, otherwise even after the settings the sound will not work.

We open the Voicemeeter program for the microphone: in the first parameter we put our microphone, and in the second in A1 - your speakers in A2 - KS: VB-audio Point, that's all the sound should work for all two interlocutors including you.

Things are small: As I wrote above, you need to prepare another scene where either your real webcam will be open or something else, for example, a screamer, be careful with - screamers because not all people have a strong heart

Don't forget to also set the scene switching to hotkeys so that our unsuspecting victims have no doubts that this is some kind of mysticism :) The setting is done in hotkeys.

Chatroulette for Android

Chatrouletteis a free manager for meeting online with strangers and friends.Does not require registration, after installation, you can instantly connect to the interlocutor.

Video chat roulette gained its popularity as entertainment, but the service is social in nature.Both Russians and residents who have gone abroad periodically come here in search of a soul mate, thus chat roulette is visited by more than 200 thousand people daily and the figures continue to grow.

Chatruletka for Android is mostly anonymous communication with people you will most likely never meet in real life.This approach does not burden users with anything and does not impose any obligations.

Chatroulette app features:

For full-fledged work, it is necessary to give the application access to the requested data.Under the video window there is a text chat, that is, you can not only speak on the microphone, but also correspond with the interlocutor.Windows can be swapped and resized.

The popular Chatroulette service is convenient due to anonymity, if you wish, you can change the country of residence and search region.Anyone can feel free in the chat.It's always fun to spend time here.

To interest users, you can come up with a bright image or just share your hobby with others, some like to arrange dances or noisy online feasts.

Chatroulette for Android is a place where you can just relax and have a great time, find your soul mate, or even a soul mate.The application can only be used by children with parental permission, or through the parental controls.

To installChatruletkayou need to downloadthis application

You can download Chat Roulette for Androidfor free in Russian below via a direct link.

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